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Repair Booking

At Fun Plus Electronics ( we provide a range of smartphones and computer repairs at very competitive prices! You can either visit our shop or do a mail-in.  We also do come-to-your-door repair with appointments. Please call us on 0434045927 or visit the service booking page down below to have a free quote or make an appointment for your repairs.

  • A broken smartphone screen/tablet screen?
    If you found the following problem happens, that means you need a replacement screen: - touch is not working over a section/entire phone screen, despite the apps are still running - cracks appear on the screen glass (not the glass screen protector) - there are objects such as white/black lines or glitches that appear on the screen - coloration differences, flashes, or black screen (black screen of death) We can do screen replacement of all current smartphone/tablet brands, such as Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo. Feel free to leave a quote about your repair.
  • Is this not a screen problem?
    The following screen problems are typically not due to screening damage: - Phone freeze when typing. Some andoid and apple smart devices have issues responding to very fast touch input. - Android phone call screen or buttons looks funny. Some apps (including spam ones) can change the default calling/massage apps and change the themes of the display. restore default setting usually change it back. -A black screen. Sometimes the damage is on the motherboard and its connectors, it is usually not fixable but we still can help, check the motherboard section. You can always visit our store to let our friendly staffs have a look, they will help check up all the possible problems and give you a free quote about fixing up your device.
  • Do i need a battery replacement?
    The typical battery problem is: - the battery charging and usage is no longer consistent, i.e. it takes a longer time to charge but instantly drop with 20-30% - with high percentage battery but shut down immediately due to low battery - phone physically swelling up, The battery is usually expanding in this case, the best course of action is to replace it immediately as it is a fire hazard. We have experience with fast and effective phone/ tablet battery repairs, feel free to leave a quote about your repair.
  • Is this not a battery problem?
    The following problems may not be related to a faulty battery: - charging is slow. Compare to a faulty battery, this case is that it charges with constant speed but slow. Usually, it is the power adaptor(that brick goes to PowerPoint) not powerful enough or the cable is not support fast charging technology. We supply a range of product that is fast charging. - No charging and the charging port feels funny. There could be stuff inside the charging port or it is physically damaged.
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